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NOGUCHI WORKS CO., LTD. was established as a metal press-processing company in February, 1967. We prioritize the happiness of our employees whom we live together in the company. We can make sure to contribute for the society and our clients loving the company once we are satisfied with our job fostering the company culture for us to be able to draw our own life plan.
Further, we continue providing our value exceeding the expectations to our clients all over the world from Tomioka City.
We are aiming to become the company that we work most happily in the earth.
Representative director
Representative director
Daisuke Noguchi

Company Overview

RepresentativeTokuichi Noguchi
The head office,factory〒370-2462
1494-3, Shimonyu, Tomiokai, Gunma, Japan
TEL: +81-274-63-7131
FAX: +81-274-67-5511
Plottage:6400m2 floor space:1300m2
Kanohara factory〒370-2455
594-1, Kanohara, Tomioka, Gunma, Japan
Plottage:2,665m2 floor space:1480m2
The establishmentFebruary 2, 1967
Capital36 million yen
The head office,factory
The head office,
Kanohara factory
Kanohara factory

Company History

1967The establishment
1971The commencement of in-house production of mold factory
1975The enlargement of the pressing plant
1984Entered into temperature sensor industry
1994Establishment of an assembly factory in Tomioka-city
1995The introduction of the transfer press
2000Got the approval of the Gunma's industries competition titled
"1 technology authorization in 1 industrial field in Gunma Prefecture"
2004The certification acquisition of ISO9001
2005The introduction of the Three-dimensional transfer press
2006The introduction of the Servo press
2007The introduction of the Hydrocarbon vacuum washing machine
2008200t servo press introduction FCF processing establishment
Entered into the in-vehicle electric appliance part industry
2010Entered into the medical field industry
2012The introduction of the Three-dimensional measuring machine


The head office,factory

Kanohara factory

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