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We set up our own NOGUCHI QUALITY with the theme of "Challenging to the technical difficulties" to propose the newly developed know-hows to our customers.
Customers will surely be satisfied with our technologies further more.
Our policy among employees is to find out troubles customers have and to solve them with our experiences and skills.

Press workins

Non-iron, deep-drawing processing of stainless steel materials.
The stainless steel has high hardness and it is one of the most difficult press-processing materials.
Suchas casing seizure-resistance.
However we have provided our customers with many kinds of press-processing items through our own technologies inherited for a long time.
In addition, the small lot of deep drawing product is possible without using an exclusive machine and device with our own preparing method.
Non-iron, deep drawing processing of the stainless steel

Mold production

High-precision mold production
The quality of products and the cost are entirely dependent on the mold technology.
In mold production, abundant experience and an accumulated technique become the
most important basement, therefore, we can assure you of your satisfaction with our high technology after having made the relative mold.
Highly precise die production

Assembling process

Lighting equipment assembling corresponding to
the many kinds small lot
Please leave the assembly processing corresponding to the many kinds small lot. By cultivated know-how and engineer authorization system, I offer stable manufacturing to visitor until now.
Lighting equipment assembling corresponding to the many kinds small lot

Three advantages of NOGUCHI WORKS CO., LTD.


Deep drawing processing with the transfer press

Servo-Press is the most effective machine for "Micron Unit Pressing" and "New Materials Processing". We adopt such a high-level servo-press for the purpose of answering to the various requirements from the customers. We have been trying our best to get your esteemed satisfaction.
The most significant merit of the Transfer-processing is as follows; Pressing-speed, Point-adjusting and Pressurization.
By the effective usage of Servo-Press, we can continue to produce the precise and reliable products.
New materials, such as "Titanium" are possible for us to be processing.


Suggestion of the cost reduction and competitiveness through the VA propsal.

Please tell us frankly," We want these kinds of products or parts"
Better cost cut-down proposal will be offered by our specialist of the metal-words.
Of course, we evaluate that we provide "Good shape, Good quality" that you can be satisfied up to 120% on the requests of the customers as well.
As a matter of course, we absolutely keep in mind the cost-performance and observe the secrecy of the customers.


We are specializing in the deep-drawing with high-precision
medical parts of high quality.

We have an accumulated experiences in the field of precise medical parts and making best use of the production-technology cultivated up to now.
We are positively challenging and have got successes in the difficult shapes and expensive products of high technical standard.
First of all, please do not hesitate to contact us for further informations.

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