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Press works

Press working
Non-iron, deep-drawing processing of stainless steel materials.
The stainless steel has high hardness and it is one of the most difficult press-processing materials.
Suchas casing seizure-resistance.
However we have provided our customers with many kinds of press-processing items through our own technologies inherited for a long time.
In addition, the small lot of deep drawing product is possible without using an exclusive machine and device with our own preparing method.

Possession facilities

Comments by a person in charge.

If it is deep-drawing press words, I feel confident to do my job, but rarely an error occurs on dimension on the product under a various conditions such as the difference of materials, press-machines, oil and the environments etc.
In that case, I always try to find out the causes and try hard so that I can keep good qualified products for customers. That's my job.
I'm making efforts to have customers' satisfactions.
I can have reliable and instructive seniors' advice in our factory every day.
There are a lot of things to learn daily and I would like to have continuous challenging-spirit to the future. from now on.
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